GEOPHYSICAL PROCESSES AND BIOSPHERE is founded in 2002. This is an international science journal that publishes peer-reviewed papers reporting on research and development in the new branch of knowledge originated at a boundary between geophysics, medicine and biology. Its focus is on the impact of various natural and anthropogenic processes on the biosphere. The journal scope encompasses methods and results of interdisciplinary studies with impact on human beings, animals and natural and artificial environments. Meteorological and cosmic processes and biospheric associations with solar, geomagnetic, tectonic and seismic activity are within the journals scope. Dynamics of biological, medical and social phenomena as they relate to geophysical processes and changes in the environment are pertinent. We are especially interested in papers of an interdisciplinary nature. We also welcome papers dealing with the rhythmic structure of processes in different geospheres and beyond.


Izvestiya Atmospheric and oceanic physics