Problems in analysis of time series with gaps and their solutions in WinABD software package

A.V. Desherevskii, V.I. Zhuravlev, A.N. Nikolsky, A.Ya. Sidorin




Response of landscapes of Sikhote-Alin western slopes to middle-late Holocene climatic changes

N.G. Razzhigaeva, L.A. Ganzey, A.M. Panichev, T.A. Grebennikova, L.M. Mokhova, T.A. Kopoteva, E.P. Kudryavtseva, Kh.A. Arslanov, F.E. Maksimov, A.A. Starikova , S.V. Zakusin






The involvment of melatonin in changing depression-like and aggressive behavior in rats under moderate electromagnetic shielding

N.А. Temuryants, K.N. Tumanyants, D.R. Khusainov, I.V. Cheretaev, Е.N. Tumanyants





III All-Russian conference «Young Technicians and Inventors» in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

A.Ya. Sidorin