On traces of strong late-medieval earthquakes at Uzbek Madrasah-Mosque Complex (Staryi Krym town)

A.M. Korzhenkov, D.A. Lomakin, A.N. Ovsyuchenko, A.S. Lar’kov, A.V. Marakhanov, E.A. Rogozhin





Aquifer dynamics and atmospheric electricity

V.N. Shuleikin



Results of measurement of radon volume activity in Azerbaijan

Ch.S. Aliyev, A.A. Feyzullayev, R.J. Baghirli, F.F. Mahmudova



Prevention of shield-induced desynchronosis in invertebrates by variable magnetic field of extremely low frequency

N.A. Temuryants, K.N. Tumanyants, A.S. Kostyuk,  N.S. Yarmolyuk, E.N. Tumanyants





Processes of beryllium hydroxide aerosol formation and assessment of ecological risks arising at its emissions in the environment

Yu.I. Obvintsev, D.P. Gubanova, V.M. Minashkin




Geophysical processes, solar energy and biosphere as the system factors of the evolution of the Earth

I.F. Savchenko, N.I. Belozerov, I.V.Girenko