Volume 18, N 1, 2019

Two stages of thermal evolution of the continental lithosphere

A.P. Trubitsyn


Biosphere conversion of substances and Solar energy in geospheres of the Earth

I.F. Savchenko, I.V. Girenko, V.S. Rimkevich, T.A. Savchenko


Pollution of Russian Northern seas by heavy metals: Comparison of atmospheric flux and rivers inflow

A.A. Vinogradova, E.I. Kotova


Applied aspects of different frequency bands of seismic and water acoustic investigations on the shelf

Yu.P. Ampilov, Ya.E. Terekhina, M.Yu. Tokarev


Self-similarity parameters of the Kerch Peninsula water streams system and their comparison with the results of structural and geomorphological analysis

V.S. Zakharov, D.A. Simonov, G.V. Bryantseva, N.I. Kosevich


Calculation of tidal displacements and tilts for a non-elastic rotating Earth

E.A. Spiridonov, O.Yu. Vinogradova


Once again on the origin of seismicity in Fennoscandia

A.A. Lukk, V.G. Leonova, A.Ya. Sidorin


Characteristics of the modern horizontal movements in the zones of the strong and moderate earthquakes in the beginning of the XXI century in the central sector of the Greater Caucasus according to GPS-observations and their connection with the Earth's crust neotectonics and deep structure

E.A. Rogozhin, V.K. Milyukov, A.P. Mironov, A.N. Ovsyuchenko, A.V. Gorbatikov, N.V. Andreeva, R.N. Lukashova, V.N. Drobyshev, Kh.M. Khubaev


Seismic incedent of 1185 in the North Azov area: Actual consideration of the event in active seismogenic zone

A.A. Nikonov


Helicopter crash on the Spitsbergen Archipelago: Infrasound and seismic signals decryption

Yu.A. Vinogradov, A.V. Fedorov


Some characteristics of the Moscow acoustic noise

A.A. Spivak, Yu.S. Rybnov, V.A. Kharlamov